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What is AIoT?

AIoT (AI+IoT = Artificial Intelligence of Things) helps you to make rapid decisions and uncover deep insights as it “learns” from massive volumes of IoT data.

KPI Automation System

We offer you an AIoT integrated measurement into these KPIs:

Energy Management

Realtime Quantity and Quality monitor.

Overall Equipment Efficiency

Realtime OEE monitor

IoT Monitoring

Machine monitoring anytime and anywhere

QR-Code Maintenance

QR-codes can be very useful for process and controlling optimization. It will be the gateway to automate every actions into your maintenance routines.

Our Technology

AIOTKU is a system that enable all different machine to work together with human. We interface and connect every machine with human to measure and improve the performance.


Technology to improve your PLC and SCADA. AIOTKU runs in protocol level, it allows us to support any brand of PLC.

QR-Code and RFID

Scan QR-Code or RFID to access AIOTKU workflow application. This technology gives flexible, actual and accurate data.


AIOTKU has ability to ask human. This technology used to minimalize human error and improve human's efficiency.

Data Center and Reporting

AIOTKU has real-time data mining. It colleted by both IoT-PLC and human input. Those data will be summarized automatically.

Monitor and Alert

AIOTKU animate your machine in real-time and AIOTKU directly tells human once something went wrong via Chat bot.

Automatic Scheduler

AIOTKU will automatically follow your schedule. Generated schedule by AIOTKU will be distibuted personally.

Why choose us?

Complete Solution

We provides a complete set of applications to make sure every parameter recorded.

Fully Customizable

All of our application can be modified to match with what user needs.


We build our solution by ourself using mostly opensource library which directly reduce our development cost.

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